NIST Framework Security Assessment

illustration of man fulfilling NIST requirements

Implement controls to comply with nIST security framework

Our Security Risk and Capability Maturity Assessment is based on Cyber Security frameworks that align to both national (GCHQ/NCSC – Cyber Essentials, 10 Steps to Cyber Security) and international standards (NIST 800/CIS20/ISO27001) as well as regulations and government guidelines.

The CIS Controls map to most major compliance frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Our process involves reviewing your systems and processes and consulting with key stakeholders within your business to determine your security maturity, uncover gaps and establish a security roadmap that is both realistic and effective.


Review current policies and technologies and understand where your gaps lie based on the top 20 security controls.

Develop a

Develop a roadmap in alignment with your sector’s required security capability level along with budgeting expectations.

Comply with

Implement controls that align with recognised security standards including NIST, CIS20, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.

Score Your

Based on findings, your organisation will be given a score aligned to recognised standards and best practices between 0-5.

What's Included

Our security experts will work with you to assess your organisation’s current state of security and advise on necessary remedial action, guided by the NIST framework.

Understanding the NIST framework