Vulnerability Assessments

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Uncover Your Weaknesses

Vulnerability Assessments are an effective and affordable way for your business to uncover the gaps and weaknesses in your infrastructure, without the exploitative nature of a penetration test. Our flexible range of options allow you to choose the right frequency and scope of assessment for your business, while covering all the requirements for Cyber Essentials Plus and beyond.

Discover Risks and Prevent Attacks

Gain a full understanding of your organisation's security posture and where your gaps are so you know exactly what you need to fix to better protect against attacks.

Align with Cyber Essentials Plus

Our Vulnerability scans cover the scope of Cyber Essentials Plus, so that after remediating all your vulnerabilities you can go on to achieve certification with ease.

Avoid Unnecessary Penetration Tests

Save thousands by investing in a Vulnerability Assessment over a Penetration Test, and add a more focused pen test later if you really need it.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Business

Whether you need a quarterly or one-off scan of a specific device or full infrastructure, we'll work with you to establish the right vulnerability assessment for your business.

Vulnerability Assessments

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Vulnerability Assessments Buyer's Guide

Find out more about what a Vulnerability Scan for your business looks like with Cyber Tec Security, including examples of the reports you’ll get.