Managed Threat Detection

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Real-time threat management

As cyber attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, finding an effective security solution to keep up can be challenging.

Our fully managed SOC and cutting-edge SIEM service combines human expertise with a highly intelligent, AI-driven, threat detection software to keep your business protected 24/7 by scanning for anomalies and vulnerabilities that could expose you to cyber attacks.

Aligned with CE Plus

Our Managed Threat Detection service covers CE Plus requirements, picking up on any vulnerabilities disrupting your compliance with the standard.

Real-Time Monitoring

Access a unique, user friendly dashboard displaying a real-time view as the SIEM monitors your infrastructure, alerting you to any issues detected.

Quick & Easy Installation

The software agent is easily installed onto your system. Our security specialists will check incoming data and access to your dashboard is enabled.

SOC Analysis

Data is analysed and any threats identified are reviewed by our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to check their legitimacy and determine what action is needed.

Full Endpoint Managed Threat Detection

0-99 Licenses*

From £13.99

(Monthly per user)

99-249 Licenses*

From £12.99

(Monthly per user)

250+ Licenses*

From £11.99

(Monthly per user)

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*Customers need a license per mailbox. Minimum number of licenses per customer = 10

Office 365 Threat Detection

If your business is a user of Microsoft Office 365, our 365 security monitoring offers the perfect solution for an affordable, long-term security strategy that is going to protect what matters most.

Have full peace of mind as the SIEM constantly monitors and detects threats within your Office 365 tenants, alerting the SOC to any issues. You’ll only receive verified tickets concerning legitimate threats so remediation is straightforward and you can quickly get back to business.

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Detect Unauthorised Access

Track User and Admin Activity

Build Custom Alerts and Reports

Monitor Data Mobility

Office 365 Managed Threat Detection - Euro Based

Less than £1

(Monthly per licensed mailbox*)

Office 365 Managed Threat Detection - UK Based


(Monthly per licensed mailbox*)

*Customers need a license per mailbox. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10

Detect and Protect: SOC & SIEM

Delve deeper into our Managed Threat Detection service and learn about its features, benefits and much more!