ISO 27001

A simple, secure, and sustainable solution to achieving the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard

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The Problem

Managing information security is challenging for businesses, particularly as risks evolve and new ones emerge. Establishing an effective Information Security Management System and achieving ISO 27001 can be a daunting task that is both time-consuming and resource heavy. Businesses need a straightforward and affordable way to achieve their information security goals as well as meet this internationally recognised standard.

The Solution

Introducing the cloud-based ISMS online platform for managing your route to ISO 27001 certification.  This simple, yet effective, piece of technology designed by security experts and auditors, allows you to achieve ISO 27001 quickly and efficiently, whatever stage of the process you are at. With 77% of your ISMS content already pre-completed, all that’s left to do is tailor it to your business, cutting down massively on time and resources expenditure. 

How it works


Step 1: Get in Touch

Reach out to the team today to arrange an introductory meeting so we can gather information about your business and what stage you are at in the process of achieving ISO 27001 compliance, as well as discuss any additional features you would like to explore. 


Step 2: Platform Setup

Following confirmation of purchased services, we will help you get set up on the ISMS tool so you can begin to tailor the platform to your business and its requirements.


Step 3: Certification

As you work through the ISMS process, our security experts will be on hand to provide guidance and support. Once you have completed all stages and are ready to get certified through an external auditor, we will help you choose an accredited body to assess your business and award you with the ISO 27001 certification.

Why should I get Cyber Insurance?

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Adhere to an Internationally Recognised Standard

Achieving ISO27001 will help your organisation protect against rising threats and safeguard your reputation by proving to potential clients, partners and suppliers that you take information security seriously.


Full Guidance and Support as You Develop Your ISMS

Your path to certification is clear and straightforward, with 11 predefined sections outlining each step your business must complete. Further assistance is also available 24/7 through Virtual Coach videos on the platform.


Easily Managed and Tailored Experience

Manage your team, assign roles and set KPIs using customisable dashboards for a streamlined and efficient certification process. Optional supplier management tools for supply chain collaboration also available.


Templates and Resources

Everything is simplified with a pre-configured asset inventory, policy pack templates that record employee compliance, and an audit programme to help manage audits required throughout certification.


Flexible and Scaleable

Manage your ISMS as business needs evolve and expand your security goals on this fully integrated platform by complying with multiple frameworks, including GDPR, POPIA and NIST.


Designed by Experts

Created by security experts and ISO auditors themselves, you'll know you're in good hands, receiving the right guidance and going through the right processes in order to gain certification.

ISO 27001

Achieve this internationally recognised standard for your organisation all in one place

Additional Features Include:

Achieving ISO 27001 with Cyber Tec Security

Find out more about how to achieve ISO 27001 for your business using the all-in-one ISMS management platform.

You can download and read this document for free here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were to go down the traditional route of achieving certification, managing the process may as well be a full time job.

With this tool, you can save hundreds of hours spent organising employees, managing documentation and trying to understand the process and what is required of you. Everything within the platform and on your your route to certification is designed to be simple and easy to understand.

Flexible licensing setups also allows multiple users to access the tool, making it easy to fulfil their roles and functions throughout the process. Users can even be notified exactly what they need to complete and when.

The ISMS platform is designed to get your business to the stage where you are compliant with the ISO standard. Once you have reached this point, Cyber Tec’s security specialists will then work closely with you, offering their expert guidance and advice, as you select an UKAS accreditation body to award your ISO 27001 certification. Cyber Tec will stick by your side until you’re officially certified!

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