Who are Cyber Tec Security?

We’re on a mission to help every SME in the UK to become more cyber safe and secure. This mission is a shared one with GCHQ, who created the means to reduce cyber risk in the UK’s vast majority of firms and organisations by 80%.

This is the Cyber Essentials standard.

We are a certifying body for this unique UK Government standard.

We assess, report and issue the certificates using an affordable, reliable, competent and trustworthy solution.

Once our clients have been certified, we tackle the remaining 20% of cyber risk with ongoing Cyber Essentials compliance as well as further detect and protect solutions.

Cyber Essentials

What makes Cyber Tec Security different?

Certifying Body

100% Remote Assessments

24/hr Certification Process

Hand-held process

Our Alignment with the NCSC's Policy goals

Primary Policy Goal: Cyber Essentials shall help all organisations to mitigate cyber security risks. The priority shall be that it is an effective means for small and medium-sized organisations to protect themselves.

Secondary Policy Goal: Cyber Essentials shall be an effective tool for large organisations, including HMG, to help manage third party cyber security risks.

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