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As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Most security companies have it wrong! They focus on the technical stuff that only reduces your risk by a small margin, actions that don’t generally stop cyber attacks! We are a certifying body that takes the confusion and stress out of getting secure.

1 - Certify

We bring you in line with government backed cyber security standards so you can rest easy - the badges are great for your website too!

2 - Comply

With our compliance monitoring tools, we'll be protecting your business on a daily basis, ensuring you remain compliant to the standards of your cyber security certification.

3 - Further Reduce Risk

Taking you as close to perfection as we can. We have a phenomenal suite of intelligent people and software that allows us to achieve a reduction in risk unlike anything else on the market.

"We had a client in the States who required us to undertake a full ‘Penetration Test’ to match their compliance requirements. CTS sent in their team, who did their stuff – and we passed! "
Financial Sector,
Chief Technology Officer
"Cyber Tec gave us a monthly payment option which really helped us out and we retained a client because we were able to show our Cyber Essentials certificate."

Legal Sector,
Head of Information Technology
"We didn’t have a lot of budget to spend in the first year so they provided us with a road-map. They matched this to a three-year budget so that we could become less vulnerable to cyber-attack as we progressed"
Not-For-Profit Sector,
Chief Executive Officer

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We’ll use our advanced hidden server-search and intelligent grading to run an advanced analysis of your business and identify existing risks that could cost you your company.

What Is A Certifying Body?

Unlike most cyber companies, we’re an actual certifying body for IASME-NCSC-GCHQ.

It means we’re trusted and lisenced by IASME to ensure you are assessed and verified as being Cyber Essentials secure. Additionally, you get the best service, peace of mind and someone to call right when you need it.

You are at the heart of everything we do.


Why Choose

Cyber Tec Security?

At CyberTec we understand that security is confusing for most business owners – but only the strongest survive. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re able to rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands. We’re not just about installing some solutions and letting them run… No, we’re a hand-held service that is available to you when you need us.

It doesn’t matter how secure you think you are, in a time of crisis – you need some help. We understand that cyber risks are growing, by the day. We understand that it’s difficult for business owners to understand everything they need to know. We want to relieve you of having to blindly trust an IT department (that often you don’t know if they’re even qualified to be doing security so you don’t just “think” you’re safe. You know it – because you have a certificate to prove it.

We dedicate the time to really figure out your business and your threats. We examine it from every angle and gather information from the data. At its source.

Usually your network – to understand exactly what your biggest threats are. Then we work with you to build a powerful cyber security strategy that’ll have potential attackers quaking in their boots. But that’s not all. We’ll also make sure you’re set up with a system that you can check at any time, to ensure you’re always protected. We even have a taskforce dedicated to investigating anomalies as they happen… Live. This is so you can spend less time working in the business and focus on working on the business. In other words, less guessing, less worrying and more peace of mind.

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