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Ongoing Compliance to Cyber Essentials Plus

Introducing the only Cyber Essentials Plus compliance service in the marketplace.

Why do you need a compliance service for Cyber Essentials Plus?

It can feel like you’ve done enough for your cybersecurity once you achieved Cyber Essentials Plus.

However, it’s important to remember Cyber Essentials Plus only provides you with a “point in time” assessment of your organisation.

It doesn’t permanently secure your entire business.

It is incredibly important to be constantly checking whether you’re still aligned to the 5 Cyber Essentials technical controls.

The problem is, you’d have to either re-certify (which is expensive) or wait until your renewal is approaching, just to find out if you’re still compliant to the 5 controls.

A significant amount of damage can be done to an organisation in this time if they’re unaware of the state of their alignment to the 5 controls.

Our Cyber Compliance service constantly scans for vulnerabilities and checks if you are aligned with the 5 Cyber Essentials Plus controls. 

It is designed to let you build on the 80% risk reduction you’ve already achieved with Cyber Essentials Plus.

Cyber Essentials Plus Compliance

Cyber Compliance is the only service capable of ensuring compliance to the Cyber Essentials Plus standard, as well as NIST, ISO 27001, HIPPA, GDPR and PCI DSS.

Unique Cyber Compliance Dashboard

The Cyber Compliance package has been designed with its own unique user-accessible dashboard. Each dashboard is tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Align with
ISO 27001

The IASME Governance Self Assessed offers an almost identical level of security to the ISO 27001 certification for a fraction of the price.

How did we develop our Cyber Compliance service?

Did you know that Cyber Tec Security have an exclusive distribution agreement with Cyber Security Associates? (CSA)

CSA have years of experience working both in the public and private sectors for organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Bank of England.

Once we witnessed the capabilities of the CSA team and especially their ability to turn complex cyber solutions into accessible solutions for small and medium businesses, we knew there was a possibility they could help us solve a very real problem our clients had…

They needed compliance to the Cyber Essentials Plus standard.

As Cyber Essentials only provides you with a “point in time” assessment of your organisation, compliance is key to maintaining your cyber hygiene.

Whilst there are Cyber Essentials compliance packages in the market, none of them are focussed on Cyber Essentials Plus.

Our clients needed their systems to be verified independently against the Cyber Essentials Plus standard to give genuine reassurance to their stakeholders and insurers. 

As a result, together with CSA, we have been able to create a ground-breaking, compliance focussed, cut-down version of their SIEM tool, which allows your business to align to the cyber standards that really matter, on a regular basis – including Cyber Essentials Plus.

Our Process


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Payment and Access

Once we’ve got the green light, we’ll give you the access to the Cyber Dashboard.



We’ll have you up and running, receiving compliance updates on a regular basis.

Ready to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus Compliance?

Cyber Compliance Service

Unlock Access To:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Cyber Compliance Dashboard Access
  • Daily Software Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Configuration Assessment

How do I further reduce risk?

As the Cyber Compliance service is part of CSA’s fully managed security service Borderpoint, you can upgrade the features of your Cyber Compliance package to our SOC and SIEM package. 

CSA’s UK based SOC utilises its SIEM and monitors and detects threats in real time which enables you to further reduce risk. 

This enables you to significantly reduce your risk at an affordable rate. 

Upgrading from the Cyber Compliance package to our SOC and SIEM package couldn’t be easier; simply request an upgrade and unlock the features within 24 hours. 

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