Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and address weaknesses in your security

The Problem

Businesses want to uncover their cyber security risks but is it a job for a Penetration Test or a Vulnerability Assessment? Many businesses go straight down the penetration testing route but this often leads to wasted time and money, and often fails to target where the problems really lie. 

The Solution

Vulnerability Assessments are the ideal place to start for a business wanting to understand their current state of security and reveal all risks and vulnerabilities. This is a much more effective and affordable method of identifying security gaps, with a more focused penetration test coming later if needs be.

How it works


Step 1: Scan Preparation

We will gather information about your organisation to best understand your current estate and security posture. A date will then be agreed for the Vulnerability Assessment to take place.


Step 2: Scanning & Reporting

Following your Vulnerability Scan, our security specialists will arrange a meeting with you to guide you through our findings and where your vulnerabilities lie. You will also be advised on the correct remedial actions to take.


Step 3: Re-Scanning

After initial remediation, an optional re-scan can take place to assess the results. Our security specialists can continue to work with you until all issues uncovered have been successfully fixed.

Why should I get a Vulnerability Assessment?


Discover Your Risks and Prevent Cyber Attacks

The assessment will give you a full understanding of your organisation's security posture and where your gaps are so you know exactly what you need to fix to better protect against attacks.


Avoid Unnecessary Penetration Tests

Discover risks and save thousands by investing in a Vulnerability Assessment instead of a Penetration Test. Then if you do need one later on you'll already know which vulnerabilities you should be targeting.


Align with the Cyber Essentials Plus standard

Our Vulnerability Assessments include the scope of Cyber Essentials Plus, so that after remediating all your vulnerabilities you can go on to achieve certification with ease.


Work Closely with Security Specialists

Our team of experts have 30+ years of experience and will be working closely with you as the Vulnerability scanning is carried out, providing detailed guidance and support for all levels of technical ability.


Fully Remote Assessment Process

Vulnerability Assessments are carried out 100% remotely, without any of our specialists having to go on-site or physically access your devices. The scans will cover all sites, including homeworkers.


Optional Repeat Assessments

We'll discuss your business' requirements and develop a suitable roadmap. Whether it's a one-off assessment or on a more regular basis, enjoy peace of mind as we handle your security needs.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and understand the risks and vulnerabilities in your networks and infrastructure



Vulnerability Assessment Buyer's Guide

Find out more about what a Vulnerability Assessment for your business looks like with Cyber Tec Security including reporting examples.

You can download and read this document for free here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose to have your business assessed for vulnerabilities as often as possible, however if you are new to your cyber security journey, we strongly recommend it be your first port of call so you can get a full overview of your specific risks and security gaps. 

Then, following remediation, you can add further credibility to your secure organisation by achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Many companies are told these need a penetration test straight away but this is usually not the case. Penetration tests can be as much as £10,000 and are still only a point-in-time assessment. If you think you’re likely to have security issues, a Vulnerability Assessment will find those vulnerabilities without exploiting your network, and at a much cheaper price. Check out our blog post which compares the two in more detail.

If you are still keen to invest in a penetration test after that, you’ll at least know where you should focus the testing, however we would also recommend investigating more cost-effective ongoing solutions, like SOC & SIEM, which will constantly monitor and protect your systems.

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