Cyber Essentials

Risk Reduction Certification for UK Business


The Problem

Cyber attacks and data breaches are an ever-growing threat to UK organisations and, as a result, businesses are feeling the pressure from clients, stakeholders and the government to show they’re secure and reliable. You know cyber security needs to be a priority, but just where do you start?

The Solution

Cyber Essentials is the government-backed cyber security certification designed to protect your business or organisation from common cyber threats. Achieving this certification demonstrates your alignment with the five main Technical Security Controls, proving that your business is safe and secure.

How it works


Step 1: Prepare for Assessment

Register your interest in Cyber Essentials with us and we'll organise a quote for your business. We'll also gather any information required from you for the assessment. 


Step 2: The Assessment

We always recommend that our clients select the guided option when taking the assessment for achieving Cyber Essentials. We'll supply you with all the information and assistance you might need, reviewing your assessment and fixing any errors before you submit in the portal, so you can ensure a pass first time.


Step 3: Achieve Cyber Essentials

With our guidance, we'll make sure you achieve Cyber Essentials first time. You could have the logos and certificate within 24 hours!

Why should I get Cyber Essentials?


Prove You're Secure

Show your clients that you're committed to protecting their data by taking the first step in your business' cybersecurity journey.


Prevent 80% of Attacks

The Cyber Essentials certification can protect you against 80% of common cyber threats so you'll be on your way to reducing the risk for your business.


Required for UK Tenders

Cyber Essentials is required for all public sector tenders including GOV, MOD and NHS and is increasingly required in the private sector.


Fully Guided Process

With our guided options, the team is available throughout the assessment process to offer help and support via email or video call.


24-hr Certification Process

We know it's often a matter of urgency to get certified so we'll strive to help your business achieve the certification within 24 hours!


Save on insurance

Once you're certified, insurance providers will see you as a much more attractive business - reducing your premiums!

Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment

From £299.99*/year

The basic self-assessment can be taken by your own organisation’s IT department but your answers won’t be reviewed by us before submission. 


Cyber Essentials Guided
(via email support)

From £449.99*/year
From £42.99/month

Your account manager will review assessment answers and advise you on any changes so you can remediate issues and make sure you pass first time.


Cyber Essentials Guided
(via 1-2-1 live screen share)

From £499.99*/year
From £45.99/month

Your account manager will liaise directly with you on your assessment via video call, guiding you until you are ready to submit and pass first time.


*Please note that this price is based on a micro organisation (0-9 employees). Prices will vary depending on your organisation size, in accordance with IASME’s pricing tier system. Please request a quote for more information.

The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Essentials​

We’ve answered every question you’ve ever had about Cyber Essentials and put it into one document.

You can download and read this document for free here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you take the guided certification, we will ensure you do not fail if you follow our instructions.

We will work with you to ensure you meet all the controls, however long as it takes.

Cyber Essentials Plus includes CE basic. If you take the CE Plus Pre-assessment, we can assure your success throughout the whole process.

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