Cyber Essentials Plus

Verified Certification


The Problem

You’ve self-certified to Cyber Essentials, although a good start, this doesn’t actually prove you have the necessary security in place. The certificate is unverified. 

The Solution

Cyber Essentials Plus certifies that your cyber security has been independently verified by a Certification Body working on behalf of GCHQ/NCSC/IASME. This proves that your business meets all the important security controls. 

How it works


Step 1: Achieve Cyber Essentials

The first step is to achieve Cyber Essentials Basic. We will guide you through the whole process and often businesses can achieve this within 24 hours. From then on, you'll have 90 days to upgrade this certification by achieving Cyber Essentials Plus.


Step 2: Pre-Assessment

We always recommend opting for our Cyber Essentials Plus with Pre-Assessment package so that, before your final assessment, any existing security gaps can be identified and then remediated by your IT provider. This assures a successful Cyber Essentials Plus certification.


Step 3: Cyber Essentials Plus

With all issues now remediated, you're ready to be assessed for Cyber Essentials Plus. This will be done remotely. Upon completion, you'll have immediate access to your certification, report and logos to use on your website and marketing collateral.

Why should I get Cyber Essentials Plus?


Guided Pass with Pre-Assessment

Undergo our Pre-Assessment prior to the actual Cyber Essentials Plus assessment, so you can remediate any gaps identified in your IT to ensure you get a pass.


Maximise Security

CE Plus specifies qualified, independent verification that your business meets the key security controls needed, so you can reduce your cyber risk by 80%.


Fully Guided

The team will be available throughout the assessment process to answer any questions and provide help and support.


Prove You're Secure

Show clients that you're committed to protecting their data and rest easy knowing your business is in line with the only UK national cyber security standard.


100% Remote Assessments

With our proprietary technology, we're able to carry out all assessments remotely. We'll assess your entire network - including homeworkers.


Save on insurance

Once you're certified, insurance providers will see that you have put in the necessary steps to mitigate cyber risk - reducing your premiums and ensuring payout on any claim.


Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

From £1,199.99*/year
From £110.99/month

Verify your alignment to Cyber Essentials Plus to prove to clients that your business is secure and is aligned with the Five Critical Security Controls.


Cyber Essentials Plus with Pre-Assessment

From £1949.99*/year
From £178.99/month

Ensure you achieve Cyber Essentials Plus first time by taking our Pre-Assessment first. This will allow any issues to be dealt with before the final assessment.



One-Off Cyber Essentials Plus Status Check

From £499.99*/year
From £45.99/month

We will assess a representative sample of your infrastructure to find out if you are still compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus standard.


*Please note that this price is based on a micro organisation (0-9 employees). Prices will vary depending on your organisation size, in accordance with IASME’s pricing tier system. Please request a quote for more information.

The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Essentials​

We’ve answered every question you’ve ever had about Cyber Essentials and put it into one document.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once you have Cyber Essentials basic, you have 90 days to complete your Cyber Essentials Plus, without the need to re-certify for Basic. 

Usually. CE Basic is attained prior to CE Plus. If you commit to taking the guided route (including Pre-Assessment), we are confident we can assure you success in this endeavour. 

No. The self-assessment option is only available through CE Basic, as the complexity of this certification is to an advanced level.

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