Cyber Insurance

Comprehensive Cover for Your Business


The Problem

With cyber attacks on the rise and new types of threats emerging every day, no security measures are able to offer your business 100% protection. Cyber Essentials certification includes free insurance but this only offers 25k cover – which is not sufficient for any business. You need a proper comprehensive cyber insurance policy in place as your safety net, so if cyber criminals do manage to sneak through the cracks, you won’t have to suffer the long-term damage.

The Solution

As the distribution partner of a market-leading specialist cyber insurance provider, we can offer businesses this much needed added protection against cyber attacks. With a broad scope of coverage up to £1,000,000, these policies far outweigh any cyber cover included in standard business insurances or the free insurance policy you can get with Cyber Essentials. What’s more, if you do get certified, you’ll get this more advanced insurance for up to 10% off!

How it works


Step 1: Register Your Interest

Let us know if you'd like comprehensive cyber cover for your business via our website or by contacting the CX team


Step 2: Provide Details

A member of the team will collect some basic information about your business over the phone.


Step 3: Get a Quote

A quote will be generated and immediately sent directly to you. 

Why should I get Cyber Insurance?


Broad Scope of Coverage

Cover addresses both financial costs and business impact of an incident. Other features include key person cover, 72-hour excess waiver and no retroactive date.


Future-Proofed Policy

Your policy covers you not only for today's risks, but also takes into account the evolving cyber threat landscape so you know that you'll be protected whatever comes your way.


Dedicated Claims Handlers

Unlike many insurers who outsource their claim handling, under this policy you'll receive expert assistance from a team of legally qualified cyber claims handlers.


Powered by Hiscox

Feel secure in the knowledge that your insurance policy is underwritten by Hiscox, the leading cyber insurer in the UK. Hiscox are experts on cyber risk and know how to mitigate it effectively.


24/7 Incident Support

A response line is always open to support you so can reach specialists day and night, whenever a breach may occur. This means investigations can get underway and you can be back to business in no time.


Up to £1m in Cover

Many insurance policies don't offer adequate cover for the damaging effects of security breaches and cyber attacks, but with this more comprehensive insurance you'll get up to £1m in cover (£10m offline).


Full Specialist Cyber Insurance

From £250

An insurance policy like this goes above and beyond what standard insurances can offer you. Protect your business and avoid the damaging consequences of a cyber attack by getting comprehensive coverage today.


Protecting Your Business from Cyber and Data Risks

Understand how each area of cover works under the insurance policies and how it can provide extensive protection for your business.

You can download and read this document for free here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re most likely covered for risks like fire, flood and professional negligence on your standard insurance, but you are just as likely to suffer a cyber attack which can lead to loss of business, revenue and reputation; significant extra costs involve in dealing with the attack; and, regulatory penalties.

The definition of personal data under GDPR is very broad, and would still include things like a business email address. You also need to consider suppliers’ details, as well as information relating to employees (past, present and prospective). Additionally, the majority of claims that we deal with do not involve a breach of personal data, but loss of funds, data corruption, or system downtime – all of which you may be vulnerable to even if you do not hold much personal data.

Yes, you can ask for a quote for cyber insurance whether you’re CE certified or not, however, if you would like to achieve your Cyber Essentials certification and be even more secure, you can get up to 10% off on the insurance policy (5% for Cyber Essentials and 10% for Cyber Essentials Plus). Find out more about certification here.

Yes, when you get certified for Cyber Essentials you’ll get cyber insurance included but this only covers you up to 25k. This would not even come close to covering the kind of costs you can expect to incur as a result of a cyber attack. The insurance you can get from our specialist partners, however, offers cover for up to £1m and includes a MUCH broader range of incidents than you’d get under the free policy with Cyber Essentials. 

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