Daily Compliance
Cyber Essentials Plus

The only Cyber Essentials Plus Compliance service in the market place.


The Problem

The Cyber Essentials Basic and Plus certifications mark important first stages of your cyber security journey, but these are only once a year, ‘point in time’ assessments. Organisations now want to know that they are aligned to the highest standard on an ongoing basis.

The Solution

Our unique Cyber Essentials Plus Compliance service has been specially designed for those businesses who want daily assurance that their business is protected to the highest Cyber Essentials Plus security controls – CE Plus, 24/7.

How it works


Step 1: Get in Touch

If protecting your business 24/7 is important to you, simply get in touch with us today. We'll answer any outstanding questions you may have and discuss quotes for your business. 


Step 2: Activation

We will install the software agent and provide you with access to your own cyber dashboard, where you can view regular updates as our software checks your alignment to Cyber Essentials Plus.


Step 3: Enjoy Ongoing Compliance!

Rest easy knowing your business is being continually monitored for alignment to the five Cyber Essentials Plus security controls and system vulnerabilities.

Why should I get Cyber Essentials Plus Compliance?


Daily Compliance to Cyber Essentials Plus

Our Compliance service will, in effect, carry out a Cyber Essentials Plus assessment every day.


Receive Daily Pass/Fail Status Report

If the Compliance software discovers misalignment with the standard controls, it will generate a status report so you can get the issue quickly fixed.


Security as a

Our Compliance service is available without any need for additional infrastructure investment. It is 100% delivered as a service, giving you a cost-effective and easily implemented solution.


Custom Cyber Dashboard Access

The Compliance service includes access to your own personal dashboard, where you'll be able to view results.


Target Remaining Risk
After Certification

Whilst Cyber Essentials certification is the ideal pillar for a robust security policy, threats may lie within the 20% unidentified risk.


Security Configuration and Vulnerability Assessment

The output from the Compliance software audit, will notify you of weak spots and misconfigurations in your systems that are leaving you vulnerable.

0-99 Licenses

*Customers need a license per end point or log source. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10

£5.99/month per user


99-249 Licenses

*Customers need a license per end point or log source. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10

£4.99/month per user


250+ Licenses

*Customers need a license per end point or log source. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10

£3.99/month per user


Compliance Checklist

Is your organisation compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus standard? 

Find out now by downloading our free compliance checklist.

Download now

Frequently Asked Questions

In essence, nothing. Compliance is offered as a fully managed web service, giving you your own monitoring tools and dashboard, with zero additional infrastructure investment.

Yes, our Compliance solution is a small component of the full blown SOC and SIEM which can be activated upon request.

Other tools are available only to CE Basic. The CTS Compliance service is the only solution that offers daily compliance to the CE Plus standard.

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