Detect and Protect

Maximise your risk reduction and give your business the security it deserves with our fully encompassing SOC and SIEM service.


The Problem

Cyber Essentials reduces your risk by 80% and this is checked daily by utilising our Compliance service. However, that still leaves 20% of real risk. Around 65,000 attempts to hack SME businesses are made every day. It’s a scary reality. 

SME’s need to feel confident that their business is secure and protected from cyber threats with as much of the risk eliminated as possible, but as cybercriminals get more and more sophisticated, businesses are needing more effective security strategies that can give them the constant reassurance they need.

The Solution

Our fully managed SOC and cutting-edge SIEM service combine human expertise with an highly intelligent AI-driven threat detection software solution to keep your business protected on a constant basis, maximising cyber risk reduction.

The SIEM actively scans your systems for anomalies and vulnerabilities that could expose you to cyber attacks. If anything problematic is found, it will alert the SOC where analysts will review and tackle the threat.


How it works


Step 1: Get in Touch

If you want your business to benefit from the highest level of security, simply get in touch today. We'll be happy to answer your questions and and discuss your business' requirements. 


Step 2: Activation

After order confirmation and the first month's payment received, agents will be installed, 365 app will be initiated, and the log stream will be verified by the SOC. Dashboard access enabled.


Step 3: Be Fully Protected

The SOC and SIEM service will be up and running in a matter of days. You will have full peace of mind as it actively detects and protects your systems, maximising risk reduction and keeping your business super cyber secure.  

Why should I get SOC and SIEM?


Cyber Essentials Plus Compliant

SOC and SIEM also covers all of the features included in our Compliance service, so you can ensure your business is constantly aligned with the Cyber Essentials Plus standard.


Maximum Risk

Know you're doing everything possible for your business and its security with the SOC and SIEM managed service, achieving maximum risk reduction.


Quick and Easy

The agent is quickly and easily installed onto your system, which will then automatically register you for the SOC and SIEM service.


Custom Dashboard with Real-Time Monitoring

Access a unique, user accessible dashboard displaying a real-time view of your IT infrastructure as the SOC and the SIEM software monitor and manage it, with alerts immediately sent to you if any issues are detected.


Security Health and Monitoring

The software carries out audits for each device every 12 hours. Additionally, vulnerability assessments will use the output to spot any weak areas in your IT that need to be addressed.


Incident Detection and Response

Systems and security data is analysed, and any potential threats identified are reviewed by our security specialists to determine their legitimacy and what, if any, action needs to be taken.

Office 365 SOC & SIEM

Our Microsoft Office 365 SOC & SIEM service is the perfect solution to businesses wanting an affordable, long-term security strategy that is going to protect what matters most. 

With this version of SOC & SIEM you can have peace of mind as the SIEM constantly monitors and detects threats within your Office 365 tenants, alerting the SOC to any issues. Receive only validated tickets with real threats so you can easily deal with remediation and get back to business.


Detect Unauthorised Access

Track User and
Admin Activity

Build Custom
Alerts and Reports

Monitor Data

  • Office 365 SOC & SIEM
  • Full SOC & SIEM


Office 365 SOC & SIEM

Protect what matters most with SOC & SIEM threat detection and protection across all 365 services.


Price is per licensed mailbox

*Customers need a license per mailbox. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10


Detect and Protect (SOC & SIEM)

Maximise your risk reduction and give your business the security it deserves with our fully encompassing SOC and SIEM service.​

0-99 Licenses

*Customers need a license per end point or log source. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10

£13.99/month per user


99-249 Licenses

*Customers need a license per end point or log source. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10

£12.99/month per user


250+ Licenses

*Customers need a license per end point or log source. Minimum number of licenses per customer= 10

£11.99/month per user


Detect and Protect: SOC & SIEM

Delve deeper into SOC & SIEM and learn about its features, benefits and much more!

You can download and read this document for free here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance ensures all controls are in place to CE Plus standard. However, SOC and SIEM takes this a stage further, and will not only identify and react to, but also suggest remedial action for multiple levels of threat. Both are 24/7 services.

You don’t need to be certified to implement SOC and SIEM, however we suggest getting CE Plus certification, then this solution will effectively bridge the security gap covering unknown and less controllable cyber threats. 

Yes, it is supported by multiple versions of Linux, Mac and Windows, among others.

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