UK Police 'Digitally Aware' Certification

Get Police Recognition of Your Cyber Security Efforts


The Problem

Too many SMEs are struggling to take the first steps towards improving their cyber security, unaware of their risk profile and lacking appropriate security measures. 

The Solution

The ‘Digitally Aware’ certification scheme, designed by the Police, will assess where your business’ cyber security may be vulnerable. The online self-assessment is quick and simple, making it a great starting point for demonstrating your cyber awareness AND getting endorsed by the Police. A great addition to your Cyber Essentials certification!

How it works


Step 1: Register Your Interest

Let us know if you're interested in achieving the 'Digitally Aware' certification via our website or by contacting the CX team


Step 2: Take Assessment

We will email you a special URL where you can fill out your details and create an account. Upon registration, you'll then have 30 days to complete the 'Digitally Aware' online self-assessment.


Step 3: Achieve Certification

You'll have 6 months to re-take the assessment as many times as needed in order to pass and each time, you'll be given recommendations for where you can improve. Once a successful pass is achieved, you'll be able to download logos and certificate. 

Why should I get the Police Certification?


Police Stamp of Approval

Gain your customers' trust by showing you have taken measures backed by the Police to protect your organisation.


Understand Your Risk Level

Learn where your business has security vulnerabilities so you can target these areas effectively.


Speedy Process

Simply follow the link provided and achieve the certification in as little as 15 minutes!


Online Remote Assessment

Easy online assessment tool designed for your convenience. Once account is created, log in and out as needed to complete the assessment.


Minimise Cyber Risk

By completing the assessment you will be starting to reduce your cyber risk. Complement this with Cyber Essentials to reduce it up to 80%!


Logos for Collateral

Once you have successfully passed, you'll be free to download logos to use on your website and collateral.


'Digitally Aware' UK Police Certification


Get Police recognition for your Cyber Security efforts today by achieving PDSC’s ‘Digitally Aware’ certification.


Q & A: Digitally Aware Certification

Find out more about PDSC and what the certification involves, including some tips for keeping your business cyber secure,

You can download and read this document for free here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact us today to get a special URL which will allow you to create an account and take the assessment. Please note you’ll have 30 days from registration to complete it.

If you don’t immediately meet the requirements for ‘Digitally Aware’, you will be given suggestions on how to improve the weaker areas of security in your business. You’ll be able to try the assessment as many times as you like for up to 6 months.

Yes. The ‘Digitally Aware’ certification is a first step towards reducing your security vulnerabilities and provides an opportunity to get Police recognition of your cyber security efforts. Cyber Essentials involves a much deeper analysis of your security. We recommend certifying for both. Check out Cyber Essentials here.

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