Cyber Security for SMEs:
Why Bother?

What you’ll learn from the webinar:

  • What is Compliance?
  • Why should SMEs consider cyber security?
  • How the pandemic has impacted our cyber security efforts
  • The importance of cyber security standards
  • What steps can your business take to start your cyber security journey?
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Our Speakers

clive madders

Clive Madders

As Cyber Tec’s CTO, Clive works directly with clients on their certifications, as well as facilitating the delivery of managed cyber security services like SOC & SIEM.

robin phillips

Robin Phillips

Robin has over 30 years in the industry and is now working with Cyber Tec as CX Manager, advising and supporting SMEs as they go through their cyber security journey. 

michelle kradolfer

Michelle Kradolfer

Michelle works closely with the SME community at PDSC, helping to raise awareness around the importance of cyber security and cyber compliance. 

simon newman

Simon Newman

Head of Cyber and Business Services, Simon plays a key role at the PDSC to deliver police crime prevention initiatives within high risk environments.  

Our Partnership


Cyber Tec Security and the Police Digital Security Centre joined forces in early 2021, brought together by our shared mission of helping every UK SME become cyber secure. The PDSC’s Digitally Aware certification provides an excellent entry point for SMEs wanting to work towards this end goal as well being an ideal stepping stone to further certifications such as Cyber Essentials

Together, through our partnership and collaborative projects like this webinar, we aim to educate SMEs on the cyber threat and both guide and support businesses as they take action to improve their cyber hygiene. To find out more about our partnership, visit the Cyber Tec blog.

“The addition of the Police Digital Security Centre’s ‘Digital Aware’ certification will further support cyber resilience and awareness for the UK’s SME’s, and is an excellent stepping-stone to Cyber Essentials.  Our shared mission with PDSC, IASME, NCSC, and GCHQ is to uplift the nation’s SME’s to at least 80% cyber risk reduction through assessment and certification.”

Mike Ralson, CEO at Cyber Tec Security

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