Have I Been Hacked?

Get instant results from this free online tool and find out if your data has been hacked

how do I know if I have been hacked?

We create new accounts and use new websites everyday, but with breaches affecting companies more than ever, how can you be sure your data stays safe? Our ‘Have I Been Hacked’ tool takes the email address you provide and identifies where it has been registered online and whether those sites have experienced data breaches, so you can learn how secure your credentials are.

What happens if my data has been breached?

If there has been a breach that your data was involved in, don’t worry! Our security experts will take you through some actionable steps to address the breach and prevent any further damage.

data breach


Find out if your data is safe online or if it has been exposed as a result of a cyber incident somewhere.


If your data was involved in a breach, find out which site was responsible, how it happened and who got affected.


Learn how you can best protect your credentials and important data to prevent future breaches.

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