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If the darkweb is a hitman, you’re on the hit list

The darkweb, for most, is that place on the internet where terrifying things happen. It isn’t part of the internet you and I use every single day – it has a reputation for a reason.

Often hackers dump email addresses and passwords from hacked sites into massive libraries for people to purchase for as little as $2. 

Can you imagine the amount of data being held there? The amount of your data potentially being held?

There is a possibility that your data is floating around the dark web and you’re completely unaware of it.


So how do you get off the hit list?

With Cyber Tec Security’s name search, we’ll tell you if you’re exposed and moreover, we will give the actionable steps to mitigate risk and reduce damage to your company.

Your data, your clients and your business are your livelihood and this cannot be taken lightly. Think about all those long hard days where you told yourself it would all be worth it in the end.

How would you feel if that ending was decided by a hacker and all that hard work went to waste?

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Peace of mind

At this moment in time, you don't know whether your data has been breached or not.
You don't deserve unnecessary stress, you do deserve answers and our name search will provide you with the answers and solutions you require.

Protecting your assets

We will alert you when an employee’s emails and passwords have been compromised and are for sale to the highest bidder on the dark web, BEFORE a breach occurs.

Don't risk losing your clients

Imagine for a moment that you suffer a breach and you have to notify your clients of this breach. Now think of how many of these clients will continue to do business with you. Not many right? Tackle the problem before it becomes a problem.

"Working with Cyber Tec Security’s name search enabled us to figure out exactly where and how we were breached in and they helped us adopt the correct practices to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. We wholeheartedly recommend this service and for free, we really can’t complain"
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