Cyber essentials Plus Ongoing Compliance

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Cyber Essentials Plus Daily

Achieving Cyber Essentials compliance is an important step in your cyber security journey but these assessments are only ‘point in time’. They can’t account for changes to your infrastructure or emerging vulnerabilities over the course of the year before you come to renew your certification.

Cyber Tec’s Ongoing Cyber Essentials Plus Compliance is the only service on the market designed to give businesses daily assurance that they align with CE Plus controls, making it the ideal solution for those with the Plus certification wanting to maintain compliance and make each year’s renewal a breeze! 

*Note that this is a security monitoring service and does not include the Cyber Essentials Plus certification itself

Centralised Dashboard

Real-time view as CE Plus compliance issues and threats are detected in your infrastructure.

Security as a Service

A cost-effective and easily implemented solution, without any need for additional infrastructure.

Remediation support

Full support and remediation advice provided to quickly fix vulnerabilities and get back to business.

Cyber Essentials Plus Ongoing Compliance

From £2

(Monthly per user)

Download the Compliance Checklist guide

Find out if your organisation is compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus standard with this free checklist outlining some of the key requirements.