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Looking To Reduce Your Cyber Risk By 98%?

"The Cyber Tec team basically held our hands through the entire process"
"They are not just techies, but knowledgeable business-focused people"
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"Working with Cyber Tec Security was incredibly easy compared to having to deal with all the usual spreadsheets with other certification companies"
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Most Cyber Companies Do It Wrong

Most security companies have it wrong! They focus on the technical stuff that only reduces your risk by a small margin, actions that don’t generally stop cyber attacks! We are a certifying body and performance driven company that often turns a potential breach into dust. Below are the services we are renowned for.


We bring you in line with government backed cyber security standards so you can rest easy - the badges are great for your website too!


With our compliance monitoring tools, we'll be protecting your business on a daily basis, ensuring you remain compliant to the standards of your cyber security certification.

Further Reduce Risk

Taking you as close to perfection as we can. We have a phenomenal suite of intelligent people and software that allows us to achieve a reduction in risk unlike anything else on the market.

Here are our



(Built for businesses that want to scale at delightfully reasonable prices)

Step 1


Achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification to reduce the risk of breach by 80% and begin your cyber security journey with Cyber Tec Security.

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Cyber Essentials Guided

£32.99 /month

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Cyber Essentials Plus

£137.99 /month


Step 2


Achieve daily compliance to Cyber Essentials Plus and reduce your risk of breach by 88%:

CyberSmart Pro tools


Step 3

Risk Reduction

Maximise the effectiveness of your cyber security and reduce the risk of breach by 98% with your very own 24/7 specialist team monitoring, intercepting and eliminating incoming threats.

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Cyber Essentials Guided

Guarantee Cyber Essentials certification with Cyber Tec Security’s guidance and dedicated account manager.

  • Guided Completion
  • Guaranteed Pass - Or your money back
  • Five critical security controls
  • Certificate issued by Cyber Tec within 24 hours
  • Logos supplied for use on website and collateral
  • 12 month certification
  • Free cyber insurance

Cyber Essentials with GDPR

Alongside guaranteed Cyber Essentials certification, your organisation will be made GDPR compliant. 

  • Guided Completion
  • Guaranteed Pass - Or your money back
  • Five critical security controls
  • Certificate issued by Cyber Tec within 24 hours
  • Logos supplied for use on website and collateral
  • 12 month certification
  • Free Cyber Insurance
  • GDPR compliance audit

By investing into cyber security, you will avoid losing money and time when you are breached or attacked by cyber criminals who want your data to monetise.

Cyber Essentials Plus Logo

Cyber Essentials Plus

Reduce the risk of breach by 80% and show your stakeholders that you take data protection seriously

  • Certificate issued by Cyber Tec within 24 hours
  • Logos supplied for use on website and collateral
  • 12 month certification
  • Free cyber insurance
  • Independent audit by Cyber Tec Security
  • Five critical security controls
  • Guaranteed pass with pre-assessment
  • Avoid GDPR turnover fines
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Bid for Government Tenders


Achieve 88% risk reduction with:

Lujam Compliance

Lujam’s compliance service will monitor, detect and protect your systems.


  • Audits your internet connection and all the internet services being accessed by your network
  • Tracks which devices are using particular services
  • Logs the activity on your network for GDPR compliance


  • Automatically blocks ransomware, malware, phishing, zero-day attacks and more that bypass anti-virus and firewalls
  • Detects new devices connecting to your network
  • Spots unusual behaviour and trends


  • Enables you to ban or quarantine suspicious devices or internet services
  • Complements your existing anti-virus and firewall protection
  • Can support multiple networks
  • Optional VPN protects your mobile devices when away from the office
  • SMS Text and email alerts to potential issues

CyberSmart Standard

With the CyberSmart Standard software, you can understand the status of your organisation’s cybersecurity on a daily basis.


  • Smart security check
  • 24/7 status monitoring
  • Real-time reporting
  • Live customer support

CyberSmart Pro Tools

CyberSmart’s Pro Tools software builds on the success of CyberSmart Standard with these additional features:


  • Mobile application
  • Implementation of smart policies
  • Priority customer support

Reduce risk of breach by 98% with:


In-SOC’s ‘ONE STOP SOC’ offers a pre-configured, AI-driven detection platform that is quick to onboard, easy to deploy and comes complete with wraparound SOC services.

How does ONE STOP SOC work?

Detect – Your specialist SOC team will monitor your systems 24/7/365

Investigate – Your specialist SOC team investigates and analyses critical alerts received

Respond – Your specialist SOC team will remediate the critical alerts

Report – You’ll receive scheduled detailed, summary reports on your infrastructure


  • 24/7/365 SOC threat, event and incident alerting


  • 24/7/365 SOC analysis assistance and escalations


  • Vulnerability scanning and reporting


  • Asset inventory monitoring


  • Regularly reports including Cyber Essentials


BORDERPOINT is a dedicated managed cyber security service that monitors your IT infrastructure, detects vulnerabilities and threats, intrusion attempts, security anomalies, badly configured applications and unauthorised user activities.

Features of BORDERPOINT:

  • Activity and Security Analysis: BORDERPOINT collects system and security data from your IT devices (on-site or cloud) and then forwards it securely to CSA. This data is indexed and analysed against bespoke rule-sets and a threat intelligence database to identify potential threats, behavioural anomalies and to detect intrusions.

  • Intrusion Detection:  BORDERPOINT provides real-time scanning that looks for cyber threats and suspicious anomalies at the host level. This enables the CSA Analyst to investigate and respond to advanced threats and attacks against your IT. BORDERPOINT can uncover more complex exploit processes, used to bypass Anti-Virus systems, through the integration of the CSA Threat Intelligence database to identify indicators of compromise.

  • Flexible Incident Response: BORDERPOINT can provide an optional automated active response service that can be used to block a network attack, stop a malicious process or quarantine a specific user or file. This tailored service will be developed to

    meet an organisations individual automated response requirement.

  • Vulnerability Assessment: The automated vulnerability assessment feature helps to find the weak spots in your IT. BORDERPOINT uses the output from the software audit to provide a continual vulnerability assessment for each monitored device. BORDERPOINT achieves this by comparing the results against the latest CVE (Critical Vulnerability and Exposure) database of known vulnerabilities to identify weaknesses that need be addressed.

  • File Integrity Monitoring: BORDERPOINT monitors selected files to identify changes in content, permissions and attributes of the files that are important to an organisation such as files that a hacker or malware would target or those containing sensitive financial information or personal data in HR records. BORDERPOINT will generate an alert if it detects that a file has been changed or modified and can identify the user(s) involved. File Integrity Monitoring will also provide inputs into the BORDERPOINT regulatory compliance service.

  • Security Configuration Assessment: BORDERPOINT monitors operating system and application configuration settings to identify where areas of potential attack can be reduced. BORDERPOINT will detect and alert against common system misconfigurations that may be present on monitored devices. Each device will have a security configuration assessment score that will be available through the user dashboard. These scores can be benchmarked and tailored against an organisations security policy.

  • Regulatory Compliance: BORDERPOINT alerts and reports against compliance with some of the mandatory security controls for various industry standards and regulations. BORDERPOINT is configured and mapped to the technical controls of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), GDPR, NIST and HIPPA. Additionally CSA are working on the technical controls for the Cyber Essentials accreditation and ISO 27001.

  • User Dashboards: BORDERPOINT has been designed with its own unique user accessible dashboard. Each dashboard is pre-configured to display the core features of BORDERPOINT and can be tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements of each client. This single interface provides a real-time view of your monitored IT infrastructure that some clients will appreciate while others will just want to be alerted when there is a real issue that has been identified as part of the CSA managed service.