Become a Cyber Security Partner

Why Become a Cyber Security Partner

As the demand for cyber security increases, businesses are looking for ways to get their clients and suppliers secure, but they lack the necessary resources and expertise.

Cyber Tec’s cyber security partner program offers an effective and profitable solution to this problem, allowing your business to deliver a full range of security products and services to clients both existing and new, and generate a healthy new revenue stream.

What’s In It For You?

Gain access to our entire portfolio of cyber security services, including Cyber Essentials, and start earning revenue within days of working with us. With the Cyber Tec team behind you offering sales, marketing and operational support, you can start engaging clients right off the bat without straining resources and budgets.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Meet Client Demands

Access Support & Training

Earn Recurring Revenue

Attract new business

Take a look at our flexible cyber security partner options and choose the partnership best suited to your business model and commercial goals.

Referral Partner

Earn quick rewards while you satisfy your clients’ demand for cyber security


Reseller Partner

Offer cyber security services on a white labelled basis and earn recurring revenue

Supply Chain Partner

Manage supply chain risk and secure your suppliers with Cyber Essentials

Our portfolio of services

Cyber Security Reseller Partnership

This is our most popular partnership option, best suited to MSPs and IT Providers wanting to get cyber security solutions in front of their clients. We’ll work closely with you to engage your clients, equipping you with everything you need to develop new revenue streams and attract new business. You’ll get support for marketing, forecasting, sales and more so you’ll never have to worry about finding the time and resources – just go straight to market and start earning!

cyber security partner program brochure

Download our reseller brochure for more information about our reseller partnerships and how partnering with a cyber security provider can benefit your business.

Referral Partnership

Looking for some quick wins? Point your clients in our direction and earn a kickback to boost your revenue generation.

Supply Chain Partnership

Did you know that your suppliers could be posing a risk to your business? Get your suppliers assessed and certified to the Cyber Essentials standard to help keep your entire supply chain secure.

Cyber Security partner program Brochure

Download our reseller brochure for more information about our reseller partnerships and how partnering with a cyber security provider can benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cyber security partnerships are designed for security conscious companies and service providers that want to grow their business and open up new revenue streams.

You’re likely to be a good fit if your business provides:

  • Consulting on business, technology, security, or security strategy.​
  • Tech implementation that handles IT services.​
  • Hands-on services in business, technology or security.​

If you don’t operate in the security or IT sector, our supply chain or referral partnership options may be suitable alternatives. Get in touch to find out more. 

No, unless you want us to make an effort to reach out, we take the backseat with client interaction. For the most part, organisations prefer us to leave interaction to them.

Our guided assessment options involve our assessors working closely with you throughout the entire process, making your life as easy as possible. You’ll have access to sales and marketing help, technical support from our Assessments team, and your personal account manager will be on hand at any time.

This depends a lot on the organisation being assessed and how much remediation is required. Generally, as long there’s nothing getting in the way of remediation work, we can complete basic assessments in as little as 24 hours. To find out more about how the process works and what you can expect, visit our Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus pages.