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Did you know 95% of businesses fail Cyber Essentials Plus on their first attempt?

They fail because businesses do not know the state of their systems before being assessed.

They go into the Cyber Essentials Plus assessment believing their systems are perfect, only to find out they have TONNES of issues which need remediating.

This is why we created our Cyber Essentials Plus ‘Pre-Assessment’.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pre-assessment produces a list of all of the ‘gaps’ in your current IT infrastructure

2. Your IT team fill the ‘gaps’ with Cyber Tec Security’s guidance

3. Your business is now 100% guaranteed to pass Cyber Essentials Plus.


£749.99 £1,499.99

(price ex.VAT)

  • Guaranteed Cyber Essentials Plus certification - or money back
  • Engineers assess your systems and processes
  • Executive report for the board
  • Technical instructions for your IT support
  • Half price discount